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UPPER RIVERSIDE RESIDENTS ALLIANCE (Save Riverside) is an advocacy organization dedicated to protecting, preserving and celebrating the architecture, culture and history of Riverside Drive and its adjacent areas in Northern Manhattan.

ADVOCATE for protecting and preserving the special culture and character of existing buildings, landscapes, and other aspects of northern Manhattan through landmark protections, National Register designations and contextual zoning.

COMMEMORATE the work of Dennis Harris, John Newhouse, and the abolitionist community working and living in northern Manhattan prior to the Civil War.

CELEBRATE & ACKNOWLEDGE the neighborhood’s social and ethnic diversity, and the contributions made to the community by generations of New Yorkers of many backgrounds and origins.

EDUCATE about the area’s rich history and evolution from rural landscape to urban streetscape, and the importance of preserving surviving structures that tell that story.

COLLABORATE with local organizations, Community Board 12, neighbors, and other stakeholders to increase landmark protections in northern Manhattan.

SUPPORT the efforts of elected officials concerning the impact of real estate development, the lack of affordable housing, and other issues affecting the quality of life in northern Manhattan.

DEVELOP programming, educational material, a social media presence, and media engagements to further these goals.

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